Help with MQTT Bridge Topics

How do I bridge multiple devices?
I figured out how to get my bridge to work with the first device, but I don’t understand how to add my second.
This is what I have for the bridge topics and honestly I don’t understand what they mean I just found it somewhere else. It works fine for the Basement2 device but if I uncomment the Basment1 device, it just turns basement2 on and off.

topic gBridge/u795/+/+ in 0
topic gBridgei/u795/+/+/set out 0

topic cmnd/# in 0 Basement2/ gBridge/u795/
topic stat/# out 0 Basement2/ gBridge/u795/

#topic cmnd/# in 0 Basement1/ gBridge/u795/
#topic stat/# out 0 Basement1/ gBridge/u795/

Can someone explain how the topics are supposed to work so that I can added the rest of my devices.

Can you tell us some more, like what devices are sending those mqtt messages and what component you are using? And what you are trying to bridge?

Oh yeah, sorry that would probably be helpful.

I have 2 dimmable light switches flashed with Tasmota that are working locally fine. Using the Mosquitto broker add on.

I am trying to bridge them with as it integrates directly with Google Home.

The topic from gBridge is like this for on and off gBridge/u795/cmnd/Basement2/power
and gBridge/u795/Basement2/stat/POWER for the status.

Any thing else you need to know, let me know.
Thanks for the reply.