Help with new install

I am having trouble getting to work for me
anyone able to lend a hand?
I load the files to the SD card and install the card into the Pi … I get a home assistant screen that appears on my monitor but after about 15 minutes it goes away… and never comes back… i am not able to access anything from http://hassio.local:8123/ or by going to IP I am using a google wifi mesh if that makes a difference

Well, there’s a couple of things that might be wrong I guess:

  • your sd card might be bad
  • your pi might be bad
  • there is some sort of network interference
  • a software issue

Those last two are most likely in my opinion. You could try to connect a Ethernet cable to check if WiFi is the problem.

Next you could add a keyboard and screen to the pi to see if you can telnet to localhost port 8123 from the pi itself to see if you get a response.

Power Supply…