Help with new project (Charge box)



I’m a developer and love to reverse engineer stuff, so I did that to my charge box (GARO GLB) and found an internal api to pull status in json format.

However I don’t know Python but I’d love to have some sensors for e.g. current charging power and other statuses.
So, if anyone could help me getting started without having to learn Python from scratch I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Here are some specs:
The api is located on this url:

where the _ parameter is a unix timestamp.

The response looks like this

  "ocppState": null,
  "freeCharging": false,
  "ocppConnectionState": null,
  "connector": "CHARGING_FINISHED",
  "mode": "ALWAYS_ON",
  "currentLimit": 16,
  "factoryCurrentLimit": 32,
  "switchCurrentLimit": 16,
  "powerMode": "ON",
  "currentChargingCurrent": 0,
  "currentChargingPower": 0,
  "accSessionEnergy": 10200,
  "latestReading": 318400,
  "currentTemperature": 17,
  "pilotLevel": 16,
  "sessionStartValue": 308200,
  "nrOfPhases": 1

The values I’m interested in is “connector”, “currentChargingCurrent”, “currentChargingPower” and “currentTemperature”

There is no authentication or anything, just the timestamp parameter so this would be very straightforward in any other language :wink:

Looking forward for your thougts!


You can use the RESTful sensor to do what you want without using Python.