Help With NFC Tag - Conditional Device

Hi, I am trying to use a NFC tag to trigger an automation. I have that working great but I want to now have a condition on my automation to only run if the tag_scanned event’s device_id is the device id of my phone.
I have tried a couple of things:

One is this sort of technique:

    platform: event
    event_type: tag_scanned
    # Test that we support this device and tag
    - "{{ == '123456789' }}"

and the other way is to have this in the triggers section:

platform: event
event_type: tag_scanned
  device_id: 123456789

In both cases the automation just runs regardless of what I set the device_id to.

Can anyone advise what I’m doing wrong?

Couldn’t you add in the “Triggered by” condition?

Thanks. Could you elaborate on how to do that?

Actually, the tag_scanned event may not be relevant for my situation.
I am wanting to:

Scan an nfc tag
Have that call a webhook in HA
Filter to only allow requests from known devices

Appears that webhooks don’t have the same event structure as tag scanned.