Help with photo being landscape and portrait in grid - spent hours

Goal: I want photos in the middle of the dashboard that transition with cards on both sides. I have it working except I cannot figure out how to hold the height of the middle to a fixed height and not change when the image changes from portrait to landscape (and vice versa). Sorry for the details here but didn’t know what you all needed.

The best photo viewer I’ve found that does transitions, random changes and photos/videos is custom:gallery-card

Happy if you have better options or methods for me achieving this. I’m not familiar with CSS which would definately help. Thansk in advance!

type: custom:layout-card
layout_type: custom:grid-layout
  grid-template-columns: 10% 80% 10%
  grid-template-areas: |
    "left middle right" 
  - type: vertical-stack
	(All Working)
 - type: custom:gallery-card
    - media-source://media_source/local/photoframe/1-PF-WDL-2024
    menu_alignment: Hidden
    caption_format: ' '
    random_sort: true
    slideshow_timer: 20
    maximum_files: 100
  - type: vertical-stack
	(All Working)

I reviewed the post but I cannot get it to work. Not sure exactly what they did differently. Would love the actual code used to make it work. I do appreciate the help.

Also, hoping to not have the pictures crop by resize to fit the space.