Help with presence detection

I am looking for how to detect if I am in my shed in my backyard. I tried to set up espressense, that didn’t work. Any idea on how to tell if I’m there?

Are you looking for suggestions on a device that can do this ?

The EP1 is very good, but difficult to get hold of (in limited supply)
You can check these out here:

Also, the tuya ZY-M100 looks ok for much cheaper money:{"sku_id"%3A"12000031504211093"}&pdp_npi=3%40dis!GBP!30.02!25.52!!!!!%40211beeec16783057832471961d06de!12000031504211093!sea!UK!135684459&curPageLogUid=NmDpbgiEIrVJ

Is there anything I can try with the esp32 I already have? Also I was thinking of buying a EP1 once I save up enough, is it worth it to buy?

What are your challenges with ESPresense? I use it around my home without issue once I got past the identification of Apple device difficulties.

This thread has some useful info in it, and I posted details on how to obtain the Apple IRK markers if that’s where you are stuck…

I think that might be the issue, because the Bluetooth Mac on my phone would change, also should it also work with Samsung?

I’ve never tried it on an Android devices as we are an Apple household!

I suspect it might work the same though so worth a try doing the bluetooth enrolment as per the other thread to see if it provides you an IRK value.

K, so it this http://your_espresense_ipaddress/ui a whole different ui then this?

What you have shown is the default page with the configuration on it. To do the enrolment etc as per the other thread, the page ending /ui should look like this…

Ok, I’ll try when I get back home, thanks in advance