Help with rs485 Elwin-EW11A adapter

Hi and thanks for helping !
I read hours and hours of forums (here and Reddit) to use this above adapter for my HA integration from my Hayward pool equipment
Got it all hooked up. Pretty lights and all. Lol. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to connect to it
I’ve read for hours. It seems it creates it’s own SSID but I cannot find it. If tried hidden etc. No joy

Anyone can please help!!
Thank you

All solved. If anyone else has this issue

Press and release the button for approx 4 sec and it will do a master reboot. SSID came right up

Can you elaborate on how you integrated this device? This looks to be how to connect it, which I’ve successfully done and using the Hi-flying software IOTService, can find the device. I assume that HA needs a com port open to make this integration, but I’m stuck trying to configure a com port with the device (using IOTService or any other tool).

Screenshot 2023-02-20 081259