Help with scheduling and parameters

i have a custom made smart watering valve for my garden and a custom made smart pet feeder.
For both of them i have a GUI where i can set the scheduling for watering (on one side) and feeding (on the other side), also specifying for example the amount of food to be fed and if the audio message should be played or not or, for the sprinkler, the maximum soil humidity to enable watering.
Now i’m trying to fully integrate both of these in HA but it seems i can’t sort it out cleanly, at least with official scheduler integration.
The official scheduler seems limited (for example i can’t set up any parameter, i’m not going to hardcode everything in the automation), so since this seems a very expectable use case (another use would be for example heating automation with temperature!) i’m looking for some help to understand how to do this in a clean way, maybe i’m loosing something about the official scheduler, or maybe there is a better scheduler in hacs…

The Schedule integration allows you to create events, with start/stop times, occuring on specific days of the week.

The Local Calendar integration offers more flexibility. For example, a calendar event’s description property can be used to store data related to the event. You can store the data in JSON format to make it easier to store/retrieve multiple parameters.

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damn, this seems to make a lot of sense!
I’ll give this a try! it seems i can’t have events at a specific time (i always have to put a duration), but i can survive to this :slight_smile:

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