Help with scrape sensor - lacking digits

I am trying to scape the temperature from a webside ( I am using the CCS ID “ajaxtemp” but insted of receivnig 25.8 I receive 26, so no digits are received or the sensor are rounding up? Anyone who can help. Please see more info below:

YAML code:

If you look at the page source there is more than one reference to ajaxtemp.

<span class="doNotPrint">
 		  <span class="ajax" id="ajaxtemp">18</span>


<span class="ajax" id="ajaxtemp" style="font-size:20px">

One is rounded, one is accurate to one decimal. I suspect you are getting the first one. Quite how you specify which one to get is for a better programmer than me.

Thanks for your respondse, an interesting observation. And yes it does make sense. After investigating the span class tag it seems that above the accurate “ajaxtemp” there is another td class=“data1”.
Now I will cross my fingers that someone with programming skills can help because I am very much a noob when it come webpage writting.

Hope this helps (with multiscrape which I’m the developer from):

  - resource: ""
    name: Danish weather
      - select: ".data1 #ajaxtemp"
        name: temperature
        unique_id: danish_temp
        device_class: 'temperature'
        unit_of_measurement: '°C'
        value_template: '{{ (value.split("°C")[0]) }}'
        state_class: measurement
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Brilliant, that did the job, thanks!