Help with some ideas for Deaf or Hard Of heaing

Hi, first would want to say thanks for what seems to be an awesome software that we can use to improve our lives at home and all the hard work put into this Home Assistant. Looks like a helpful lot people on this forum.

Can you guys give me some ideas that I can automate to help me improve my safety at home. I do have a alarm system & beams in the garden as we all have to have in South Africa because of the high levels of violent crime.

My problem is that I am hard of hearing ( Use hearing aids ) and most time can not hear the siren which is outside the house. I can not hear it from my main room. I wondering how I could use Home Assistant to help me and get some ideas from everyone.

I have ordered some SonOff devices to start automating some items in the house like lamps etc.

Your input would be great.


My wife is hard of hearing. I’ve found that having a smart watch on and pushing notifications to her worked well.
Also if you have a main light and a supplemental light in each room, you can flush either or both depending on which is on. We find this useful for when our daughter opens her bedroom door past her bed time. I’ve also added a pause to any thing Kodi is playing, as we use this quite a bit in the evening.

I hope this helps, if you want more details let me know.


Hi All…you guys considered the Konnected Alarm panel.
Easy to replace existing alarm and use existing sensors.

(Just kidding, I wear a hearing aid also)
Why not simply use flashing lights?
Depending on your alarm wiring, I can think of a few ways to flash a light when the alarm sounds.

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Thanks for your reply. I am in the process of setting up a light etc .