Help with Sonos, Sonos Say script, and Https integration with letsencrypt

Anyone have experience with Sonos, Sonos Say script available on HA website and Https integration with letsencrypt?

So I’m stuck again. I really wish I could answer questions vs always asking them…

I have a sonos speaker which was working perfectly fine no issues. Any my HA install was working fine. I integrated the phone apps for HA so I decided to open up my install through my firewall and encrypt the traffic. I used the letsencrypt addon for HASSio and got the encryption up and working no problem but now I cannot sent TTS messages to my sonos. It just tells me that it cannot contact the server. I can play the generated mp3’s through my browser no problem. I did some research and from what I can gather it has something to do with the sonos API and the certificate from letsencrypt. I followed someones advice and compiled a certificate using the signatures from letsencrypt root, and CA certificate as well as the certificate that was generated for me. Then linking that certificate in my https settings in configuration.yaml. That all works still for accessing my install but sonos still will not TTS. I can play other sources on it but nothing that’s coming from my HA server… I don’t think it’ll really matter but I’m running HASSio in docker and I have portainer, deconz, and icecast also running in docker on the same machine. I’m using a camera with a mic and streaming that audio through icecast and sonos can play that feed no problem but cannot play anything from the HA {{:8123}} anyone know what’s going on here, or a workaround for this?