Help with switching an automation off using GUI

I see a lot of posts on this using yaml but not with the GUI. I want to turn off the automation when triggered and then turn it back on after a certain time - so it doesn’t continually retriever.

When I select Automation: Turn Off I am not sure what to do from there? I assumed I would be able to select the name of the automation to turn it off. But I don’t see that option? Thanks.

Use the Choose Entity button and pick the automation/s

Thanks - new user! Why is it called an entity and not automation? Thanks.

It’s both. An automation is a type of entity.

Another method is to go to the automations screen and click the three dots for the automation you want to disable, then choose Disable:

Better still would be to write the automation such that it doesn’t need manually turning off and on.

I want it to notify and then not notify again for 5 minutes. If there is a cleaner way to do this then I am all years. I am sending a pushover for the notification.

Then you design the automation to behave that way autonomously, not by the brute-force approach of disabling/enabling it periodically. Reserve the act of disabling an automation for maintenance purposes. For example, if it’s misbehaving and you need to take it out of service while you debug it or if you design a replacement for it and want to test the replacement without deleting the original version.

Ensure the automation has mode = single (I think this is the default though).
3 dots in the top right corner ➜ change mode ➜ Single

Then add a ‘delay’ as the last step for 5 mins:
Add building block ➜ wait for time to pass (delay).

This way the automation cannot run again until the 5 mins are up.

A-ha. got it - thanks.