Help with synology firewall settings

I have managed to get docker up and running and home assistant works well. I have setup a reverse proxy as well for outside of network settings. My issue I’m having is with findings devices on the network which seems to be a firewall issue in my settings. (fyi in host mode on docker).

I have allowed my reverse proxy which allows me to access home assistant but I don’t see devices (for example my Apple TVs). When I allow all traffic on my local network (aka router ip/subnet) all devices show up. While this works, seems to be unsafe as essentially allows anyone on my network full access. Are there certain ports I can allow for firewall to get this traffic or do need to allow the ip for each device? Is there a way to add specific subnet to give me access to all devices in a safe way?

I have added a firewall for my docker ip which I believe should (?) allow the docker containers to talk to network but I may be misunderstanding.