Help with templating for TTS notofication

Hi community

I’m haven’t dazzled much into templating before in home assistant, but I would like to achieve some functionality that needs some templating to reach my goal.

I would like to do a TTS notification that takes the persons inside zone.home and call the persons out to greet them when they arrive.
I do not need the trigger etc. i just need the formatting and the syntax of the action to grab the friendly name of the persons that are in the zone and use those in a TTS message.

Anyone that can and will help me to get it build? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance
And Merry Christmas to everyone reading this :santa:

{{ expand(state_attr('zone.home', 'persons'))
| map(attribute='name') | join(', ')}}

Amazing, thanks! Works like a charm :slight_smile: