Help with the Generic Hygrostat for Home Assistant - installed with HacS

I installed the generic hygrostat with HACS and up my binary sensor as follows:

  - platform: generic_hygrostat
    name: Bathroom Hygrostat
    sensor: sensor.bill_br_govee5075_humidity # Source humidity sensor
    delta_trigger: 3 # Optional humidity swing to detect. Default = 3
    target_offset: 3 # Optional dehumidification target offset. Default = 3
    min_on_time: 300 # Optional min on time in seconds. Default = 0 seconds
    max_on_time: 1800 # Optional safety max on time in seconds. Default = 7200 seconds
    sample_interval: 30 # Optional time between taking humidity samples in seconds, default 300 seconds
    min_humidity: 45 # Optional minimum humidity to enable dehumidification. Default = 0
    unique_id: bill_bathroom_hygrostat # Optional ID that uniquely identifies this sensor. Set this to a unique value to allow customization through the UI

No errors in HA, but I am getting null values for items in the sensors:

Not sure what I have done incorrectly? I followed the directions here:

Does this integration still work in Home Assistant?

Bill Schatzow: I have the same problem :frowning:
Did you find a solution for that ?

Try this forum: