Help with turning a Curl Post into a Yaml automation

Dont know for sure if this is the right place to post but I’m fairly new with Home assistant and am trying to make an automation using YAML. Right now Im sending a post request via Curl in the terminal like this:

curl --data ‘’ -X POST --header “auth token: token” http://IP/api/v2/info

My plan is to automate this command via de Homeassist but i couldnt figure it out by googling

Let us know if you get stuck.

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Thanks for the quick reaction.
It seems that this is what I was looking for, however I’ve got an error trying to format it this way.

   test_sendcommand : 'curl --data "" -X POST --header "auth-Token: <token>" http://ip/api/v2/info'

Any clue on what i did wrong?

The error message might be a good clue :wink: .

Yes of course, I was having some trouble with saving and realized I used capital letters where I shouldn’t have. Sorry for the extra post. It works now, thx for the Help!

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Welcome @Zon,

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