Help with turning a light using Api https web post

hey guys i need help with this i want to turn on a light by making a web post but with out using IFTTT but i dont know how and where write the json part ??? thanks

That’s described in the documentation:

thanks for the replay so it will be something like this{“entity_id”:“light.bedroom”}
or if you can give me an example i will really appreciate it
im really new to this thanks again

There is an example in the documentation. What’s wrong with that?

GET and POST requests are different. You can’t use a stock browser to create POST requests.

there is nothing wrong with the examples but i dont understand how to put it together
im using http widget app for android so when i press the widget it makes a http post to do wahtever you want
but when i put{“entity_id”:“light.bedroom”}
i get the error 405: Method Not Allowed
my question was what exactly should be the post including the json value to turn on this light.bedroom entity?? thanks for taking the time to replay

As was saiid before, the json cannot be put in the header of the request, it must go in the body. Your app should have a field for the body.

I use HTTP Shortcuts for sending commands from android, and the field is halfway down the setup page.

ok got it thanks for the help