Help with Tuya/Loratap 6-button scene controller

I just recently picked up this Loratap 6-button scene controller from Aliexpress. I hoped it would work with Home Assistant but so far no luck. My Conbee II zigbee doesnt see it at all. My ZHA sees it and pairs with it but no entities are found, I’m assuming it just needs a new quirk but I don’t know how to configure that. Anyone else have one of these and have any luck? Looks like the Loratap 3 and 4 button versions are confirmed working.

@mike1627 I am also having the same problem. Exact same Loratap 6-button and my Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongle connects to it, but has no entities. Have you had any luck fixing yours?

Still no luck. I’m assuming it just needs a custom quirk but I don’t have any idea how to write one. It’s just sitting on my shelf right now in case that ever happens.

I do not have the device, hence can not confirm it works.

Zigbee switches do not have any entities, or maybe one for battery. The button presses arrive as events. If you use ZHA the events are created as you press the buttons. Automations can be made directly from the device page.
Or, you can use a blueprint

Yes, I’m aware of how scene controllers work with ZHA, this is not my first one. That being said, no events are registered with any of the button presses.

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Hello. I just try today to remove Loratap 6 button from HA. When I added again its working now. I can add atlutomations to all 6 buttons. Fantastic

How did you add it to your HA? I just tried it again with ZHA and DeCONZ it’s still not working for me.

ConBee II stick add device.

I have a ConBee II stick as well but I can’t even get it to pair with DeCONZ. Are you using Zigbee2MQTT or DeCONZ?

To pair it take out the batery. After hold down for more then 10 sec button 3. Light will start blinking. Thats all

I still can’t get it to work. From the screenshots it looks like you are using ZHA with your conbee, maybe that’s the difference. I’m using a Sonoff CC2531 with ZHA, it will pair but it doesn’t look like it’s loading the correct quirk compared to you. I have a Conbee stick that I use with DeCONZ but it won’t pair with it at all

The pairing is tricky. Hold down button 3 after start blinking keep pressing every second. If is taking too long hold it down again for 10 sec until keep blinking.


I have a problem regarding the “long press” on this Loratap 6-buttons: I never received such trigger in HA. No problem regarding the “short press” and the “double click” : those are working fine with the 6 buttons.

My config : HA 2023.3.6, running on RPi 4b, with ZHA connected to a USB dongle CC2652P ( Ebyte version)

Any idea why the “long press” is never received ? I tried using automation in HA, and also in NodeRed .

Thanks for your help

I was never able to get it to work at all with ZHA. I switched to Zigbee2Mqtt, it works now but I only have options for single and double presses, no long press. It might be a limitation of the device.

I also waited since some time with samesame experience as you all above had. but since today I can confirm it works at mine with ZHA, SLZB-06M, supporting short-, double- and long-press like a charm using HA 2024.2.4 - what seems to have heklped is to delete trhe unit out iof SmartLife first and then take out the battery for some 20 seconds. when reinserting the battery it immediately was in discovery-mode (blinking LED at the front) and recognized by the ZHA-integration without any further interaction within a minute or two.