Help with unreliable Hardware


I have a Landis+Gyr heat meter (Landis+Gyr Heat Meter - Home Assistant) which I can luckily add to home assistant to track the heat we are using in the house.

Unfortunately the hardware doesn’t report reliably so the readings look like this:

Awesome would be to create a sensor, that takes the value of the MWh readings, if there are any present, or stays the same if no new value is provided.
I’m not that familiar with template sensors, but I guess this would be the way?

Maybe someone could point me to the correct handling of this.

Thanks a lot!

You can create an utility meter sensor out of this total increasing sensor. You should set your new sensor’s reset cycle as none to keep the total there.

Thank you for your reccomendation!

Unfortunately it sems like I can’t add the utility meter entity to the energy dashboard.

Am I missing something?

Of course, i would not tell all at once :slight_smile:

You need to customize your utility meter and it will be available to energy dashboard after some time. I am using such below;

  device_class: water
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Ah perfect - thanks.

Actually I don’t know in which section of the confuguration.yaml I should put that. Is it under template sensor?

Please take a look at docs: Customizing entities - Home Assistant

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Thanks again. I guess it’s now working and I just have to wait till the source sensor gets updated.

Okay, it’s nearly working as expected.
Right now it’s only showing the heat energy used since i created the template sensor and I haven’t found a way in GUI to give it an offset so that it reads the whole heat usage.

You can always reset the utility meter or calibrate it to some value. Check utility meter services

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Thanks a lot, for patiently pointing me in the right direction. Found the calibrate service under developer tools.
Now it seems to be working as expected.

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