Help with Update HA - requires a different Python: error

any idea? work with hassbian:


You need to:

  1. Read release notes :wink:
  2. Upgrade Hassbian to Buster
  3. Rebuild the venv with Python 3.7

It may well be quicker and easier to:

  1. Back up your current configuration
  2. Flash the current Hassbian image (based on Buster) to a new SD card
  3. Restore your config
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ho no :frowning: to make a new Hassbian image hard work…

No it’s not.

If it’s too hard perhaps you should be using hassio/hassos… You do need some basic skills if you use your own Linux install.

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setup all , ssl etc take to long …

Which is why you were told to restore your config

i update my pi with

grep -rl stretch /etc/apt/ | sudo xargs sed -i 's/stretch/buster/g'

after i update the HA to the last version

That didn’t update it. That got you ready for the upgrade.

yes now all ok, just need to find how to resolve alexa issue.