Help with updating devices locations in home assistant

I’m a noob with home assistant so if my question doesn’t make since or seems stupid, sorry. I have home assistant running on a raspberry pi 4, 2gb ram, and I need help trying to update something. I have the home assistant setup with duckdns so I can access it anywhere, and I have the app on 2 devices. My galaxy s7 phone, and my android tablet (not sure what version but I’ve had it for 4 years). I have it setup so my main view shows me a map of my area, then both devices on the map. The main reason why I have this setup is so that I can track my phone if I lose it (can’t do the same with my tablet since it doesn’t have internet access other then wifi). But the problem is that home assistant only updates the location for my phone about every 3 hours for some reason. Another thing is if I leave my home network with my tablet, then connect it to let’s say a restaurants free wifi, it doesn’t show my tablet location around the area I’m in, it still says I’m home. Is there any way to like add a button so I can update it manually at anytime? Or is there a way that I can get a live view? Thanks!

Oh, and by the way, I’m not sure if this matters but my phone and tablet both have a password on it. Could this effect is?

When you say you have the app on both devices. Do mean you mean the mobile app?

If so, at least on the iOS version under App Configuration there is an Updated Location function under the Location section.

yes the home assistant app is on both devices, but I have android and I don’t see it on my app. Plus I would need to update the location of that device from a different one so I could find it if I lost it. I think I may have found the problem though. Home assistant did not have permission to run in the background of my phone. So I changed that. Hopefully that works.

Good call that was my next question.

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