Help with what light switches and shutter controllers to choose

Hi everyone,
i;m new to the home automation world, i’m building a house in Israel and I want to make it “smart”.
i want to control the lights air conditioners and shutters from my phone. I also want to have in my phone or next to the door a switch that will shut everything down.
I tried to understand what should I use and I was overwhelmed with all the options and information.
So far in where i live i have a RM mini that from my phone i can turn off the TV and air condition.
But now i want to go to the next level so bought a Raspberry PI3 and also a RM pro2.
I’m debating if i should use a Z-wave switches since they are much more expensive then the wifi based or the RF433 based.
I’m looking in Aliexpress and there are so many chinese brands (lovolo,sonoff,TC switch…) and i have no idea where to start.
I didn’t even tell my constructor if he should put in the wall the EU standart box ( round 60mm) or he USA standard (rectangle 86mm),
I think i prefer to buy a switch instead of a smart bulb since i will be able to replace the switch.
if any one can give me a jump start that will be great!!!
thanks A lot