Help with WUnderground component

hi there,

My WUnderground ‘location’ is showing a neighbour town as opposed to the town where I am located.

Does anyone know the behaviour of this component and how I may be able to change something to get my correct location through the WUnderground component.

Many thanks

The documentation says that the location comes from either the PWSID you have configured, or if there is none then it comes from the lat/lon in configuration.yaml.

First, look at your wunderground config and determine if you have a PWS_ID,
If you do, is it right?

If you don’t you have to look at the lat/lon in configuration.yaml. You can test it by pasting it into google maps in the format xx.xxxxxxx, yy.yyyyyyyy where xx and yy are your latitude and longitude.

I did not have a PWS_ID so I tweaked by lat/lon nunbers in my configuration file

Location now displaying correctly

cheers treno