Help with z-wave thermostat and HA

I have a z-temp2 wireless thermostat. I have connected it to telldus gateway and it shows up as a thermostat. The problem is that it shows up I HA as a switch and a temperature sensor instead of climate. Today I am controlling my heaters trough telldus heat sensors and the generic thermostat in HA. I wish to change the living room heater to be controlled by heatit thermostat and wallplugg so that setpoint can be controlled both in HA and on the thermostat itself. Anyone have set this up correctly before?

You may already have the answer, but I believe you can add the switch and temperature sensor to another generic thermostat to control it.

So you could possibly set the wallplug as a toggle for the heater, and the thermostat temperature setpoint as the target_sensor.

Unfortunately I have not set it up before, so just offering a shot in the dark, but do reply with what you try and more help can be offered from someone who knows more than I.