Help with Z-Wave

I have an Aeotech Z-Stick and have many Z-wave devices paired without issue. I have three Dome door/window sensors paired and are working well. I am running HassIO. I just received three more Dome door/window sensors and I am having tons of issues. I tried pairing them one after another to avoid restarting home assistant a bunch of times. That seems to have caused some issue, I can’t get any of them to work. They are showing up as Node:XX Probe at this point. I can’t remove them as failed nodes. Also, the Node number seems to be offset by 1 when looking at the higher numbered node in the OZW section of the frontend and looking at the latest entry in entity_registry.yaml.

I tried resetting the sensors to their factory defaults, nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

Did you restart after adding the nodes?

Did you use secure add from inside home assistant.

In the past I have down powered the pi and restarted to get new zwave to show up (after saving a storepoint).

I have restarted over and over again. I have never done a secure add on any z-wave device. I have almost 30 of them. I seem to have one working now, but I am having trouble renaming it. I just got this:

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Unable to find service zwave/rename_node

I finally got things working. I am still unable to make name changes in the OZW web interface.