Help with ZeroTier


I’m coming here as a Smartthings user since 2013 when the first hub was introduced. Everything on 2 smartthings hubs has been working great until the last few years. I can’t believe I made it this far without switching. But I’ve finally had enough of the changes. They have changed apps and forced a migration to the new app. My dad and I was able to make everything work but my wife never could migrate. Then within the last 3 months or so I got emails saying one of my smartthings hubs was going to stop being supported this summer. And to purchase a new discounted hub. Well that time has come and gone since I didn’t act.

In the last week I have tried out another opensource smart home on an old Raspberry Pi 3. I decided to go with Home Assistant since it has been so much easier to setup so far. I have even been able to use the smartthings integration and use everything as is without a zwave radio on my raspberry pi. That is supposed to be here tomorrow and can get rid of the smartthings hub and use the newer one for a while through Home Assistant. First impressions so far this has a lot more features.

Now, ive been reading up on setting up a VPN and tried setting up ZeroTier. I can see the raspberry pi home assistant and android connected. But I can’t get it to work. My goal is to not have to forward ports. I also have some ip cameras with ports forward using a dyndns. I setup this home assistant with a duckdns with the port forward. Everything I read about zero tier says NOT to forward any ports…

I have read a little bit and everything says zerotier is easier to setup than openvpn or others. However they aren’t really guides other than how to get the service running on Home Assistant. Nothing about how to point it to work. Nothing about the external URL to use. If no ports forward than how does it see. What am I doing wrong? The confusing part is the ip routes and what to set in zerotier. I also have unpn and IPv6 disabled in my router. Maybe those are preventing it from working.

Again, I’d like to migrate everything I have now through open ports to a VPN or something else that would be more secure. Maybe even get rid of my paid dyndns service

Thanks for any help…

Have you managed to figured this out or still interested in doing this?