Help with ZM ZMES and HA integration behind a NATed IP

Hello great people.

So I am starting a new HA build for my new home. My last build (still working at my GFs old house) is still up and running with ZM standard integration. I am able to access my HA remotely via an integration I did, forget what it is called, but I basically get a telegram message each time HA reboots or each time my public IP changes. The link I get takes me directly to my HA instance.

Is there a new way to access HA (well my router) for those of us behind a shared public IP (NATed)?

I am just getting started with ZoneMinder Events Server, but from the reading I’ve done for all the toys to properly like ZMNinga, messaging, etc to work I need signed certs, and to get those I need to be able to receive traffic on port 80, which I can’t do.

For ZMES what I mainly want to do with it is have ZM run object detection and then face recognition and share those results with HA, and then have HA take appropriate action, ie turn siren on, send telegram message with picture that triggered, etc.

if I only want to use those toys, would I need signed cers or self signed SSL certs would work?

A Cloudflare Tunnel is one easy way of getting working remote access:

Hi Tinkerer and thank you for reply.

What I was using on my previous setup seems to be some kind of Tunnel. The one you suggested does seem to be more secure than was I was using.

Is there a way to create signed certificates when using Cloudfare Tunnel?

Not sure what you mean. You’ll get an SSL certificate as part of using the Tunnel.

OK, so on my current setup I am using ngrok. Each time my public ip changes I get a new link via telegram with my new ngrok link. The link is an https: link, so SSL is involved somehow.

If I understood correctly with cloudflare I can accomplish something similar but with many more options I could control on my end like limiting traffic only from google servers.

I know this is a mostly HA community, but was hoping someone uses zoneminder as well integrated with their HA and could give me some pointers.

From my understanding to get zoneminder events server to properly work with all the different services available I need to have signed SSL certs. For example right now my ZM is running on but for ZM ES to work properly it would have to be on

I actually found a video in spanish that explained to me how Couldfare works.

Thank you so much for the help

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