Help with zwave please

I need some help guys, I’ve got the: AEOTEC Z-Stick 7 ZWA010-C, Z-Wave 700 USB Stick
and now all my zwave devices are gone: Alerts
I don;t now what to do, wait the they will fix the problem - put an old stick of zwave and pair everything ??
how exactly can I do a backup to the configuration of this stick
i’m so confused

Confused by your post. Were they working with this stick or is it a new stick?

Are you replacing old Zwave with new Zwave stick?

How many Zwave devices do you currently have?

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I have now the AEOTEC Z-Stick 7 ZWA010-C, Z-Wave 700 USB Stick, and my 25 devices are not working, this situation started friday, everything worked perfectly for several month.
I understand, from the link-alerts that is a problem with 700 series, and I’m not sure what should I do
take the z-stick out and reconfigure everything with an old stick I have -it’s 25 devices, it’s quite a mess

Is Zwave stick showing functioning?

What is install method? Docker, HA OS, VM
What hardware? RasPi or other

You check logs?


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From what you describe it could very well be the 700 stick repair bug if you have firmware version LESS than 1.17.1

Everything you need to know about backing up the stick, upgrading the firmware and checking to see if you’re actually affected by that bug is in this thread here: :construction: META-Issue: Problems with 700 series (healing, delays, neighbors, …) :construction: · Issue #3906 · zwave-js/node-zwave-js ( (help with people actually installing the firmware using the Silicon Labs tool is near the bottom of the thread)

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Thank you!!! updated and seems back to normal