Help with Zwave Thermostat in Hassio

Hi. I installed a new Trane XR524 Z-Wave thermostat. I am unable to adjust the temperature in the front end. I’ve included the following in my configuration.yaml:

  - platform: zwave

I can see the following entities created:


However, the Z-Wave entity has this attribute:

product_name: Unknown: type=5452, id=5442

I’ve seen other posts where people had to go in and monkey with the manufacturer_specific.xml files but that doesn’t seem to be available in Hassio. Openzwave’s information says this device should map to an XML file that also doesn’t seem to exist in Hassio.

<Product type="5452" id="5442" name="Model TZEMT524AA21MA" config="trane/TZEMT524AA21MA.xml"/>`

I included this device by taking my Aeotec Gen 5 Zstick to the thermostat and including it by pressing the button on the stick. Would I have gotten different results using the Zwave utilities in Hassio?

Can anyone offer any help on getting my thermostat to work correctly?

I have a different brand… Fwiw, I have a cooling_1 that shows the current temp, cooling set temp, modes and controls for adjusting the cooling set point. Similarly, I also have a heating_1 entity that has the same but only adjusts the heating set point.

I’d think that your cooling_1 would control cooling mode, but I’m not sure about away_heating (I don’t have one of those).

Have you defined the entities to show in the front end? Here’s what mine looks like.


If away_heating doesn’t control heat, maybe you’re missing a heating_1 entity. You could try removing the node and secure add it again and see if other missing entities show up. I’ve had to do that for a few zwave devices.