Helper, "combine the state of several sensors" sum option enhancement request

Please provide the capability to specify how the associated sensors will be summed by associating a “+” (plus) or “-” (minus) sign with each sensor defined in the helper.

Do you mean this?
Min/Max - Home Assistant.

Or in the UI Helpers section this:

The second. Within the “sum” option of the “Combine the state of several sensors” helper please provide a feature that facilitates the association an arithmetic sign (either plus or minus; positive or negative) to each of the user-specified entities. My main goal, personally, is to be able to access this enhanced helper as a DIFFERENCE between two entities. My feature request would satisfy this goal and provide much greater flexibility to those that might wish to combine more than just two entities. However, I would be happy just to have a “difference” added to the helper that would allow calculation of the difference between just two entities, if that would be easier to code. I have decided to never perform scripting within HomeAssistant as that became a maintenance nightmare for me in previous years. Thank you for your consideration.

So, the statistical range option?

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Can you do what you want with the Bayesian sensor?

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We have discussed this in the past to add - capability but it was rejected due to technical “limitations”.

So it won’t be added and I would refer you to use a template sensor instead which is quite easy.

btw: min_max integration is going away in favor of group sensor.

Duplicate of Helper: Subtract/Add/divide/multiply two sensor values.