Helper Function min/max for one sensor does not work as aspected

I am trying to determine the min and max value of my windspeed sensor using Helper Function.
The aim is to get min max values for one day, but unfortunately both values (min-max) are identical.
In Min/Max Sensor does work was the Answer:
At least two entities to monitor
but i have only one speed sensor.

This confuses me even more…… Why is that?

(see pics)

Because, that is not the correct integration for what you are trying to do. If you just want to be able to see the daily min or max in the frontend, you can use a Statistics card. If you want the value available for automation or other purposes you need a Statisitcs sensor like:

  - platform: statistics
    name: "Windspeed Max"
    unique_id: windspeed_max_1234
    entity_id: sensor.windspeed
    state_characteristic: value_max
      hours: 24
    sampling_size: 300
    precision: 1
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Okay thx… I try

Hi @Didgeridrew , it works …great. How can i add 1 digit ? digits: 1 won´t work

Sorry, I had a typo. The precison: variable defines the number of decimal places of the calculated sensor value that will be displayed. It should be precision: 1.

Thanks :blush: for your help