[Helper] Group an AC and a heater in a single entity

Hello everyone!

I’ve created a custom helper integration that groups and controls different heaters/coolers in a single climate entity. The main use case is when you have an AC and a heater in a room and want to control them more easily using a single thermostat. Bonus points for enabling much of the frontend goodness released in 2023.9.

Yes, I know about climate_group, but that’s intended for controlling more thermostats of the same type en masse, whereas this is intended for grouping thermostats by area.

The integration is in its infancy, so here’s a quick roadmap:

  • integration icon
  • support sensor domain for current temperature
  • fan actuators (fan HVAC mode)
  • dehumidifiers (dry HVAC mode)

I’d really appreciate some feedback and beta testing if anyone is interested. For bug reports and other requests please use this flow.


Looks awesome. thanks.
Is it possible when the target temperature is updated manually or from HA in the group it is also updated?

I recorded a video to make it clearer:

Good point. Thanks for the feedback!