Helpers Group not working

Hi, I’ve created a Helper Group (type switch) and inside it there are 4 switch entities.
I created a lovelace button that toggles helper group entity.
It works but not toggles all entites in the group. It do it, seams, in random way.
Am i wrong something?

Is hiding the members activated?

Hi, was not. Anyway enabling it doesn’t change anything

You don’t want it activated.

Nothing changing. Either is activated or not

I tested the switch group helper and had no issues. Can you post your lovelace button code?

show_name: true
show_icon: true
type: button
  action: toggle
entity: switch.emule_on_off
icon: mdi:donkey
show_state: false

Toggle only works if the switches inside the group have a state associated with them.

Initial solution (Groups) was good. Issue was given by triggered entities. If started all togheter (pfsense integration) for some reason doesn’t work. Created a script that wait 2 s between one action and other and now it working good.