Helpers missing

I had a number of helpers converting Zwave switches to Lights.

I had to remove my Zwave integration (host name change of zwave container) and re-add it. All the switches have returned with the normal switch name but the helpers I created for them in the GUI are gone.

I have a backup and there’s only a dozen or so; should I re-create them in the GUI or in config.yaml? Or just restore the backup.

Unfortunate this type of change would cause them to be deleted. Fortunately they still appear in the groups (though the name is not normalized; I’m sure that will be fixed when I re-create the helpers.

What sort of helpers?

Have a look in Settings → Devices& Services → Entities tab.

Are they listed there with a “restored” icon?

Thanks. I ended up just re-doing them in the GUI prior to seeing this but if/when this happens again I will try that.

I just moved my HA setup from a Virtual Machine to a Raspberry Pi 3.

I restored my backup, and I had the same thing happen. Helpers for my lights are missing.

Looks like the backup system is missing these.

Have a look in Devices & Services → Entities. Are your helpers there?