Helpers not working

in version 115.6, Helpers stopped working. It is not possible to edit them or add new ones. Entities already created are not available either. Does anyone have a solution?

There was no change related to input helpers between 0.115.5 and 0.115.6. From which version did you update? Do you get any errors in the logs?

It was upgrade from 115.0. In log nothing.!

Try hitting F12 (or CTRL+SHIFT+I) in your browser to see if there are any error messages logged there in Console. Often times, this is a browser issue where force clearing your cache might resolve it.

No, this isnt problem with browser, because entities already created by helpers do not exist. The option to reload Helpers has even disappeared from server controls

Are there errors in your logs? EDIT: I see you said “theres nothing in the logs”.

What does your configuration.yaml file look like?

I assume the 2 persistent notifications have nothing to do with your issue?

@petro maybe change the category to something else than feature request?

persistent notification are not configured spotify a bad login :slight_smile:
configuration.yaml is in goog condition

If you’re unwilling to show us your configuration, how can we help you?

Then show your configuration.yaml file please, otherwise we are unable to help you. And you are sure there is no error in the logs?

there is my configuration.yaml

You’re missing the helper configurations in your config file. To use the helpers, add them to your configuration.yaml and restart.

for example, to use input_booleans, add the following to configuration.yaml.


Your configuration file appears to lack default_config. If you don’t use it then you must minimally include helper domains, like input_boolean, input_datetime, etc otherwise the UI won’t allow for the creation of helpers.

… and Petro beat me to the post while I went looking for the linked thread.

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You at least provided information about default_config which I purposely left out.

Problem resolved. Missing default_config. Thank you very much

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You may have misunderstood the explanation I provided. It’s not failing because default_config is missing, it’s failing because the helpers input_boolean, input_datetime, etc are missing. These helpers are included in default_config (and much more) .

By adding default_config, you didn’t just add support for helpers, you also added about a dozen other things that you may have not had before (like zeroconf and ssdp). Keep that in mind if you happen to notice behaviors not seen before.