Helping with sleep / snoring?

I know this is a long shot and a weird question. My wife has always snored, but over the last few months it has become progressively louder. So bad in fact that a few nights a week I am having to sleep in one of our guest rooms to get some sleep. We have an appt setup for her next week with an ENT doctor.

We have tried all the normal nose plugs, pillow prop etc. with not much change at all.

I know Alexa has a “listen for snoring” function so I’m figuring we might be able to use that and tie it into HA to fire off something to help. Maybe some kind of automation to “nudge” her when she is snoring? Or at the very least keep track of the time a duration of her snoring.

Any suggestions?

KY-037 Sound Sensor High Sensitivity Microphone Detection Module

Connect one of these in ESPHome as a binary sensor and it will be able to detect loud sounds. If you look at a graph over time you will get idea of the times. Set a good debounce time and an incremental counter and you could work out the length of time the loud sound was detected.

The best solution is a CPAP machine. the NHS has sleep clinics that will assess and provide one.

As a mighty snorer myself I invested in Withings Sleep.
Found out, that the problem is worse than I thought.

Soon will try CPAP. Will be interesting to measure the results!

By the way! Try earplugs! :slight_smile:
My wife found relief with these.

It also works as a bed sensor for HA!

I saw those and was wondering if they were worth the cost. Thanks for the info.