Heltec Touch Module + Sonoff Basic

Good evening
I have been working on trying to use these Heltec Touch Modules as a switch input for a sonoff basic. Im afraid i have not had any luck getting this to work. The module as 3 pins, VCC, GND, and out. Input voltage on the module is 3.3v and the output through the “out pin” is 3v as well. When I wire this to GPIO 14 and assign this pin as any switch or button in the tasmota SW, nothing happens. Any Ideas or suggestions?

I am experimenting with these touch modules on a Wemos D1 Mini Pro (ESP8266), and had to add a pull-down resistor (10kΩ) between the touch module’s out and GND to make it work.
Not sure how that relates to a Sonoff Basic though.

yeah I think I tried that, but will try again. THank you

yep this worked for me also! Thanks!

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Doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Just try to get it running but my (standard) button code doesn’t recognize any input? The button color is switching nicely and I have 10kohm between OUT and GND.

Any tips?