HELTUN thermostat card - how to display floor instead of air temperature?

I’ve installed a HELTUN thermostat to control my bathroom’s underfloor heating. It has both an air and floor thermometer, however the thermostat is positioned outside of the room, so I would like to use the floor temperature.

In Home Assistant, the HELTUN appears as a thermostat and provides a sensor for both the air and floor temperatures. I’ve disabled the air temperature sensor, however when I use the thermostat card in the Overview it defaults to the air temperature, and I can’t figure out how to change that. I’ve configured the thermostat to use the floor temperature for controlling the temperature, but that setting doesn’t seem to affect what Home Assistant displays.

Is there a way I can tell Home Assistant which temperature sensor to display for the thermostat? I’m aware of the Generic Thermostat entity, but that seems to be for turning a switch into a thermostat, and since the HELTUN has multiple modes and stuff, and it doesn’t really seem setup to be a “pretend to be this thermostat but display this temperature sensor” entity.

No, you can’t change it. If your device is the HE-ZW-THERM-FL2, it could be supported with custom code in the Z-Wave integration.

It’s the newer HE-HT01, so guess I’m out of luck unless it would be possible to fix it in Home Assistant. Might dig around the code and see.

Ok, this one. Assuming the setting of parameter 11 matches the desired temp sensor, the integration can select the right sensor based on the current setting. This is currently done for HeatIt devices. If it is not based on the config parameter, then it won’t be possible.

Ah nice, yeah I’ve set that parameter to use the floor sensor. Hopefully I’ll find some time at some point to try adding support based on the HeatIt one.

Thanks for the pointer!