HEOS integration: heos.sign_in stopped working yesterday

I have a Denon HEOS speaker that HA always turns on via automations. It always works perfectly.
Since yesterday all of a sudden it doesn’t.

The heos.sign_in service now suddenly fails:

Failed to call service heos/sign_in. ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘write’

Afterwards I tried updating the Heos speaker firmware. It does not solve the issue.
Could the integration be broken? Perhaps Denon changed their service?

The service data is unchanged:

    "username": "[email protected]",
    "password": "password"

Also I verified that the ip-address mentioned in configuration.yaml is still correct.

Still working for me :roll_eyes:

It was likely a bug in 0.106. I just upgraded to 0.107 and it started working again.

It failed again after I upgraded to 0.107.4. Now I went back to 0.107.1 and it worked again. Could in theory also be random behaviour, I’ll stick to 0.107.1 for a couple of days before upgrading see what happens.