Heos speaker states (can't turn them off though automation)

So i managed to add all my heos devices and i can control them through lovelace. Now i’m trying to setup an automation, so that all speakers turn off when i leave home. I managed to find out, that the states are either “playing” or “idle” when i check the entity. but when i make my automation they continue playing. i created a scene “music off”. i added all the speakers through the ui wile they were stopped, so the state should be configured. and when i check the conf.yaml it’s set to idle.

any ideas what i’m doing wrong? or is the state a different one instead of idle?

I believe that power off is not supported via the Standard component. Try this one: https://github.com/tmjo/custom_components/tree/master/heos

It also adds group support

thanks! will try it