Heos spekare, join/unjoin


I have two active heos speaker (office/kitchen) and one denon stereoreciver (heos).

I can join all kind of combination but when I unjoin, I got problems. I can unjoin kitchen and office, but my stereo will not unjoin. If I join all three speaker and then unjoin, stereo will be join with kitchen or office.

I can work around it, if all speakers are joined, then I go direct to join office and kitchen speakers, then unjoin office and kitchen, will it work. But why can’t I unjoin my stereo when it is in a group?

Thank you

have you had a look in the logs?

I had a similar issue, and the log stated some errors with the heos device (in my case error code -9 and -13). I had to restart (unplug the power cord) the respective device and the problem solved itself.

Big thank you!
I restarted my whole network and now it works.