HERE WEZE Google Map...Travel Time. Number of request

Hi all, I’m trying to evaluate the integration available HERE, WEZE, Google Maps for time travel calculation.
1 - Is there a possibility to know how many requests have been made to the website?
I could calculate how many times the ’last_change has changed, but is there anything “already done”? that I do not know?
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What problem are you trying to solve?

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Hi Tinkerer
For now I would just like to know how many calls I have used, calling an integration. So far I’m trying to use HERE and calling “with an API” the information for two device_traks.
I would like to create a project…when someone asks “where is xxxx” I get a message from Alexa “xxx is on the way xxxx will probably arrive home at hh:mm”.
I have 4 devices to check and lots of ideas in my head
thanks, I hope I was clear

Ok, so you’ll need the following for each:

  1. An automation triggered by the relevant sensor updating (a simple state trigger will do this - no to or from)
  2. A counter updated by the automation, and reset whenever you need it to be reset (another automation)