Here's how to add a camera stream to a picture_elements card :)

Hi all,
I thought I would share something I figured out when attempting to add a camera stream to a picture_elements card when the view is in panel mode.

It turns out that you can’t add a picture-entity card into a picture_elements card - you can only use an image element. The problem there is that the image element is mostly a static image and not a live viewing of your camera stream.

As a little work around to have a LIVE stream from your camera, I found you can use a custom card called layout-card (thanks @thomasloven) and with this card, you can insert a picture-entity card for your live camera stream.

- type: 'custom:layout-card'
  column_width: 100%
    left: 80.5%
    top: 42%
    width: 33%
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.indy_s_room
        camera_view: live
        show_name: false
        show_state: false

↑ This gives me the following output: ↓

SIDE NOTE: If you are using a Windows tablet/PC and you want Windows to turn the screen off after X minutes you will have a few issues as the browser detects the video is playing so it prevents Windows from going to sleep…
Not sure if this affects Android/IOS as well.
Let me know if anyone needs any assistance with solving this issue :slight_smile:

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Alternatively you might be able to use one of Thomas’ other cards to accomplish this:

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Thanks for making me aware of this card @tom_l :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: