Herschel iQ Hub

Has anyone tried to connect Home Assistant to the Herschel iQ radiant heater devices?
Can Home Assistant substitute the Herschel IQ Hub?

I have the same problem my friend. If someone from gurus will point me to the guide how to start investigating this protocol, I can try :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in this, anyone had any success?

Ok so I have my Herschel Thermostat and connected IR heater working in home assistant. It turns out the iQ hub is simply a rebranded Tuya IoT device, which means we can use the Tuya integration in home assistant to both read the room temp and control the heaters.

Just follow the guide at Tuya - Home Assistant to get it running. You need to use the European Central data centre, and when you’re prompted for a username and password on the HA side, put the one you use for the Smart Life app in and you’re good to go.



Also means we can almost certainly use any Tuya controller and pair it with the IR heater(s), though I have not tried this.

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Very good news, thank you, I am about to buy my Herschels