Hexagon Lights WiFi/BT integration to Home Assistant

I was thinking of buying those popular Hexagon Led wall panels from Aliexpress. They look cool and are pretty cheap. I have not found any that comes with Zigbee, its either WiFi or BT. Something like this I did had in mind: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005823270982.html?

I see that there is a lot of different brands out there and what is the general consensus. Are these panels typical supported to controll through Home Assistant.

My setup is a RPI4 with Z2M units i am currently running. I have not got the integrated BT in RPI4 to work. So if I going for the BT version of the lamp, mayb i need to buy another BT adapter and connect to my RPI4.

Looks like similar to cololight hexagons, but hard to tell if the ali ones are compatible or not.

Thanks for answering. Are these “similar” lights often comparable, or is it more like we need specific solutions for specific lights?

Also, Ive notice that the hexagon lights using their own developed app called Magic Home app. I see that there is an integration for Magic Home. Would such an integration mean that all of the lights connected and controlled by the Magic Home will also work with the specific Home Assistant integration?

For example this integration: Magic Home - Home Assistant

Then I need to buy the WiFi version of the lights, not the BT one? I am little restrictive on buying WiFi devices from china.