Hey I'm Home - New UK Smart Home Hardware

Has anyone seen, bought or used any of these? They are pretty cheap - especially the bulbs.

It seems they are wifi connected and use the Tuya platform?

Would be great to hear everyone’s thoughts?

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Amazingly late response. I just got one of the power strips, and used tuya-convert to flash Tasmota. Effectively it’s a rebranded version of https://templates.blakadder.com/hyleton_336.html, so getting local control working only took 5 minutes.

I didn’t look into the Hey! control API, but a quick port scan showed nothing listening on the device out of the box, so I suspect someone would need to write a full integration to get anything working over the cloud.

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Ah this is good to know. I tried to flash their bulbs but wasn’t successful.

Odd, the process was totally painless for me. I’ll report back if I get any of the bulbs and try flashing them.

Did you use tuya-convert? Yeah they just didn’t want to flash at all - I’ve done some sockets before and they went through straight away.

Yep, I just used Tuya-convert. The process was pretty much as painless as the documentation described. I don’t own any tuya bulbs, so don’t know if this was a Hey! issue or not.

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Digging this thread back up…

I’m helping a relative get HA set up, but they have a load of GU10 “Hey!” bulbs. They have the app but I would like to use HA to control.

Tuya convert seems like a bit of a faff considering how many bulbs they have.

Any other options here to get them integrated to HA?

@bleep-io did you manage it?

has not worked for a long time, and probably will never work again, as you hardly find an ESP-chips in Tuya products any more.

Tuya integration