“Hey Siri turn on lamp” -> every light turns on !?

So I was outside tonight taking out the trash. Noticed my lamp post was off so I uttered the above phrase into my watch. And suddenly the entire house is aglow as every light turns on. I guess I forgot the exact name (else I would’ve said “turn on lamp post”), but any ideas why it would treat that as such a huge command?

Starting 4 or 5 months ago some of Siri’s HomeKit behavior changed (you can find other people discussing it on the HomeKit subreddit too) and that’s when it started turning EVERYTHING on if you didn’t get a command exactly right. It’s stupid and very frustrating. I used to tell people people how much better Siri is than other voice assistants at smart home stuff, and while I still think Siri is the best in this category, it’s kind of a pain when a misspoken command turns on my tv, every light in my apartment, computer, fans and starts my car… :nauseated_face: