Hi all, Newbie here

We already have a smart setup but its getting a bit rough round the edges so i thought it time to pull it in a bit and Home Assistant seems to be the best option after days of research on different products.

I’m a bit late to all this stuff at 59 but retired early on health grounds and have loads of spare time, i’m sure there will be a million questions once i get going.

I have ordered up a Pi-4, SD card, ConBee II stick, Hue dimmer, a Zigbee door switch and a couple of zigbee power sockets - my plan is to set up a “smart test-bench” to learn HA on before trying to integrate into my live setup.

Hopefully thats a good plan :slight_smile:

Still not sure where the best entry point for a complete beginner is yet though :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community, you’ll need all this spare time :wink:

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Thanks, yes i think i will, it looks complex.

My programming skills ended at Visual-Basic 6, i then dabbled a bit with ladder logic in PLC’s but not much more :slight_smile:

You don’t need any programming skills to get going with HA. What you need to learn (in my opinion) is Jinja syntax and YAML, but that’s no way as complicated as learning a programming language. Also Home Assistant is more and more going into the direction of UI configuration, auto discovery etc.


will be looking at Node-red too.