Hi can anyone help me with my problem? I downloaded Waste Collection Schedule and cant configure it

so i am just starting out with home assistant and exploring different stuff i have downloaded waste collection schedule and was looking for exact help to configure this and where i am to put the information , i found the information from my local council and have included this but i cant make sense of the instructions of where to put this. step by step by step detailed instructions would be very helpful.

waste_collection_schedule: sources: - name: tameside_gov_uk args: postcode: “OL7 9HH” uprn: “100011538499”

If you’d follow the link on the main page of the repo then you would end here… i.e. configyaml to edit (and restart HA)

hacs_waste_collection_schedule/doc/source/tameside_gov_uk.md at master · mampfes/hacs_waste_collection_schedule (github.com)

I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand , I got into what I think was a configure yaml file but can find anywhere that this would go , I’m sorry but I am completely new to this and I am still trying ti learn it but no where in the yaml file looks like that that they want me to put in .

In your home assistant installation directory, there are a lot of files, one is named configuration.yaml

Open this file with a file editor of your choice and add the section mentioned in the link provided by vingerha.

    - name: tameside_gov_uk
        postcode: "OL7 9HH"
        uprn: "100011538499"

You have to be careful with the indentation, that means that every space is important in yaml.

   postcode: "1234"

is not the same as

postcode: "1234"

Thanks for your response , so can I add this anywhere in that file ?

yes, but not in the middle of another section :slight_smile: (a section is always starting at the beginning of a line, like here the waste_collection_schedule:

This is my config.yaml file so I just put that information there on 12 ?

yes, add an empty line, more readable

I have this error when I go to restart , have I done something wrong ?

Try to restart anyway.
HA can not validate a custom integration before a first load.
At worst you’ll have an error in the notifications.

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i did the restart anyway and i did have the error saying invalid config

sorry i have just deleted and reinstalled the integration and tried again and it has now worked thank you for all your help and patience.

You’re welcome.
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