Hichi USB IR in HA

Hello Community,
I tried to connect the Hichi USB IR Smart-Meter reader to my HA.
HA is running in KVM on Openmediavault. The USB is available in HA

I figured out, I need maybe an MQQT Broker an installed the HA Addon for MQQT, afterwards I got the MQQT Integration in HA and I was able to use test-page of this integration to publish and receive messages.

But what are the next steps?

Did you get it working meanwhile?

I found a few threads, but am not sure yet how to send the data, to make the ISKRA ME162 providing the meter data, using the IEC 62056-21 protocol.

The other threads are:

No I did not figure out, how to handle this. I’m using IOBroker now to publish the values via MQTT, where I can read them with HA.